Monday, 20 May 2019

This Week

Good morning

The spellings this week are some more homophones 

witch, which, sure, shore, their, there, been, bean, our, hour


  • Write five sentences with spelling words
  • Division facts for x8 (80 / 8 = 10). 
  • Maths homework sheet

This week in...

  • Maths: We will be drawing and interpreting pictograms and bar charts; and estimating and weighing objects to the nearest 100 g
  • Literacy: The children will plan and write their own quest tale independently, then review their own work and decide if they met the targets - full stops, capital letters, speech marks, paragraphs, and adjectives. 

Other things

  • Please give your child a hat to bring to school, if you have not already
  • Next week we are celebrating Canary Day on Wednesday. The children can dress in traditional clothing and we will have games and activities. If your child would like to come dressed in traditional Canary clothing, please can they bring in a donation of food for charity on Monday or Tuesday of next week.
  • There is no school on Thursday 30th (next week) because of Canary day 


I would like to recommend a website to help children with their spellings.

This weeks spelling words can be practiced if you click 

Year 2, Spelling rule 28 and 29
Year 3, Spelling rules 21 - 24 (harder) 

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