Friday, 29 March 2019

Maths Tests

Hello again!

The children are taking their maths tests home today. You can keep these over Easter and help them with the parts of the test they struggled with. 

All of the children did very well and I am very proud of them. The problem solving test was a very difficult one this term! 

Please return the tests after Easter.

Thank you. 

MoMo and Internet Safety

Good afternoon

There is a series of videos that has been in the news recently called “Momo”. These videos pop up on youtube, game websites, and messenger apps. It is a frightening character which encourages children to do inappropriate things and threatens them.
Some children in 3A have been talking about this and getting upset. 

In 3A on Thursday we had a long talk about Momo. I explained to the children that this character is not real and cannot hurt them. I have told them that if it appears on a computer or phone screen that they must turn off the device and immediately tell an adult.

Please be very vigilant when your child is using the internet. I do not think these Momo videos pop up often, but your child may be curious and type Momo into a google search.

Thank you

Monday, 25 March 2019

This Week

Good afternoon

There will be no spellings and mental maths to learn this week because of the maths tests at the end of the week. 

This week we will be using our maths lessons to revise everything we have done this term.

In literacy we will be continuing to read, write and enjoy poetry. The children really enjoyed watching Roald Dahl´s Revolting Rhymes last week!

We are continuing our study of rocks this week - looking at their different properties and how they are made and used. 

We are also very busy getting ready for the show now, with lots of rehearsals going on. Keep sending in those costumes!

Have a lovely week

I would like to recommend some games websites to help with literacy and maths.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Maths Test

On Thursday and Friday of next week the students will have a maths test.

I am giving them a revision sheet today so that they can complete it over the weekend. Please help them to complete this.

Because of this extra maths, there will be no new spelling words on Monday.

All the best!

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Reading Comprehension

Good afternoon

One of the areas for improvement I have mentioned in many of the children´s reports is reading comprehension.

Below is a link to a document with many reading comprehension questions. You can ask these when your child reads to you. They will help to develop important comprehension skills.

Monday, 18 March 2019

This Week

Good afternoon!

The spellings this week



The maths to learn



"Subtraction Word Problems" homework sheet 

This week in maths

  • Doubling and halving numbers by partitioning
  • Multiply numbers using the grid method -

This week in literacy

We are reading and enjoying lots of poetry - especially Roald Dahl´s Revolting Rhymes

A reminder about the costume for the play -
The children will be witches. Girls need a black tutu with a black t-shirt and leggings, and a witches hat. Boys need a black cape and black clothing.

Please also remember to give your child a hat. 

Have a lovely week 

Monday, 11 March 2019

This Week

Good morning!

This weeks spellings


This weeks mental maths 

Subtracting tens (e.g. 275 - 30)

The homework

  • Practice subtracting tens
  • Learn spellings
  • Maths sheet "Year 3 Week 19" 

This week in maths we are practicing using "frog" for subtraction. 

In literacy we are inventing information reports about an animal. The children will choose and research their own animal. 

Have a lovely week. Please give your child a hat for the playground.